Who is the best Management professor at Colorado State University?

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Michael Rihani on October 7th, 2011:

At Colorado State University the best professor for Management is Professor William Shuster according to the reviews on In fact, one student said of the professor: There's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said. I didn't feel like this was the BEST class I have ever taken, but I feel like it is a good class and worth taking. I do, however, feel that Professor Shuster is one of the BEST Professors I have ever had, and he is really dedicated to making sure everybody has the resources and opportunity to succeed. The class lectures can be dry, but the project is interesting if you make it. If you get a good group that wants to work and synergize, you'll do okay. If not, this actually might be the most stressful class you take all semester. But the material is critical.

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