Who is the best Health and Exercise Science professor at Colorado State University?

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Michael Rihani on October 7th, 2011:

At Colorado State University the best professor for Health and Exercise Science is Professor Brian Butki according to the reviews on In fact, one student said of the professor: In three years as a student at CSU I have not had a better professor or class.Brian is incredible. He will probably pick on you, but he does so for everyone--it's just his personality. He's hilarious and makes class so fun to come to. He's very laid back and just a fun guy. Take him if at all possible.As for the class, it's pretty simple and incredibly interesting. The class is made up of 500 points: three exams worth 100 points each (which are pretty easy), 100 points worth of in-class quizzes (a little more difficult than the exams but he lets you drop your 5 lowest out of 10), a paper about a behavior you want to change (again, you easy and you can do whatever you want for this, it's really open-ended) and 50 points for journals (you have to write journal entries about anything we're learning or going on in your life twice a week, again easy).The material you learn in this class honestly should be required. This class is the most beneficial class I have ever taken because it pertains to every person in the room and WILL affect their life. From nutrition to exercising to cardiovascular disease to drugs and alcohol, please take this class because it is important stuff.The class is easy, you'll love Brian and you'll actually get something out of it.

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