Who is the best Chemistry professor at Virginia Commonwealth University?

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Michael Rihani on October 7th, 2011:

At Virginia Commonwealth University the best professor for Chemistry is Professor Deborah Polo according to the reviews on In fact, one student said of the professor: Pros: Very clear notes Very nice and understanding Has a great understanding of the material Cons: Does not post notes online (she uses a tablet) Goes somewhat slow, if you like fast-paced classes betterMrs. Polo was an excellent professor for CHEM 102, and I wish I had her for 101. She was very clear, methodical, and went through the material slowly enough so you could understand it, but she still finished all of the required material. She did a great job of preparing us for the ACS exams, and she was an overall nice lady, and very fair and clear professor. I would highly recommend her for general chemistry!

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