Who is the best Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Mgmt professor at Colorado State University?

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Michael Rihani on October 7th, 2011:

At Colorado State University the best professor for Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Mgmt is Professor Whitney Cranshaw according to the reviews on In fact, one student said of the professor: This class is the best science class to take to fill AUCC if you are not a science major, such as a business major like myself. It was absolutely awesome! Whitney and his assistant Matt Camper are excellent and are very passionate about what they do. There are 600 points possible which are made up by four 50 question 100 point tests (the final is not cumulative), a 100 point project that was due the Monday after Thanksgiving break for us, and the total of your best 10 of 12 in-class pop quizzes that were each 5 questions and worth 10 points. They drop the lowest two in-class quiz grades, which is useful if you were to miss some from missing class. There were 3 to 4 in-class pop quizzes in between each test so it is imperative that you go to class. There is no textbook for this class except for a 12 dollar notes packet so seriously to get an A all you have to do is go to class and take notes, do the project, and study mildly for tests. If you do miss class you can ask other kids for notes or do the chats the night before tests with Matt, which are very helpful. You ask him questions that you have and he tells you what you need to know for tests. The tests are not hard at all if you go to class and maybe study 1 to 2 hours the night before. The only thing that I did not like was that the in-class quizzes are only 5 questions so you miss one and you are already down to an 80 percent but that isn't that big of a deal at all. I had some 6's but finished with 94 points in this department at the end. I also recommend not procrastinating on the project because it can take a while to finish it well the week before. Still it is stuff like going to the butterfly pavilion, reviewing bug movies, taking care of some insects, or fun stuff like that so don't fret it at all. Overall this class is awesome and I highly recommend Whitney! He is hilarious and I never thought I would enjoy learning about insects this much.

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