What should I put on an internship resume?

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Nate W. on August 12th, 2011:

At InternMatch, we always recommend a couple points on internship resumes.  First, you have to quantify your past experiences.  Employers want to know how successful your prior work projects were in terms of metrics.  It helps show the actually impact of your work, whether that be in revenue or user traction.  Second, be sure to include hard skills that might be relevant in that scenario.  If you have experience blogging, include it!  Ruby on rails?  Obviously include it!  Internship coordinators want to analyze how you fit into a program or even how to form the program around you. 

 You can find our resume template here, Resume template and guide


Mika L. on October 25th, 2011:

Also, when writing resumes it matters what kind of internship you are seeking. For example, federal internships have different formats than medical or finance internships, so be sure to talk to your career advisor and have them look over your resume and cover letter before you submit it! 

Best of luck!

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