What is the entry criteria for Harvard Business School?

I am planning to take admission in Harvard Business School. What are the entry requirements?

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John Fees on August 12th, 2011:

As an HBS alum, I think the short answer in my view is that HBS is about leadership of all types.   In my experience most students are not interested in only making money and a small % of students were undergraduate business majors.    The most common element people who have a dedicated record of service to others and can demonstrate that they have been part of something larger then themselves.   

The best way to see if HBS is for you - is to visit campus and experience a class.   The case method must be experienced to be valued and understood. 


Jeremy Shinewald on August 18th, 2011:

There is no established list of criteria for acceptance to Harvard Business School. The HBS admissions office will holistically evaluate your application, paying close attention to your ability to manage the MBA program academically (GMAT/GRE, GPA and more), your professional track record as an indication of future potential (essays, recommendations, resume) and your various extras (community endeavors, personal accomplishments, entrepreneurial projects, life experiences, etc.) in order to understand (via interviews, essays, recommendations) whether or not you have something special to offer. There are so many aspects of an MBA candidacy that an applicant cannot simply meet a few criteria and expect to join the next entering class


Allen Gannett on August 12th, 2011:

On their website they identify three characteristics: habit for leadership, capacity for intellectual growth, and engaged community citizenship. Also the median GMAT score was a 730 most recently. 

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