What is it like to eat in Spain? Is it much different than how Americans eat?

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Thomas Montesano on October 7th, 2011:

Just a little bit! First, don't eat a big dinner - Europeans don't quite understand that, knowing - rightly - that lunch is the most important meal of the day. As if to emphasize this, dinner menus will be significantly more expensive then lunch ones will be. So make your meals of the day a light breakfast and a big lunch. As for snacks, there is a fantastic Spanish invention called tapas. Tapas are basically finger foods that are cheap, easy to get, and easy to share with friends. They can be spreads of various types, bowls of meat and sauce, vegetables...the list goes on, but they really help fill the gaps between meals, and they are fun to share with your companions. SO fun, in fact, that the Spanish invented a special verb, tapear, which means "to go out and get tapas." Additionally, when you do go out, the most economical and common way is to get the "Menu del Dia," which is a three-course meal that comes with bread. Get used to them - they are filling and delicious!

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