What is dorm life like at K-State?

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Halima S. on August 20th, 2011:

Dorms are a really fun way to live. It's new and because most of the students that live on the dorms are freshmen, Everyone is very open t meeting new people and making friends. The people that were on my floor my first year of college are like family to me we all really close. As long as you are open to meeting new people you will and in the process make lifelong friends. Most of the dorms are set up so that there are 2 or 3 hallways on each floor that meet in a shared lobby. So the entire floor meets there for meetings or just to hang out and the RA's room is in the hallway as well. Everyone living in the dorms must have a meal plan so some floors organize floor dinners. There are also events that are planned sometimes just for a specific floor or for the entire building. For example at the end of the year my floor planned a trip to Pillsbury Crossing which is a part of Tuttle Creek where a lot of people hangout in the summer. We also have girls nights or guys nights on the floor. The RAs are really nice and they really are people that students can go to for problems. 

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