What are the benefits of going to the Stern Business School at New York University (NYU)?

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Anonymous on August 8th, 2011:

There are many benefits associated with going to the Stern School of Business at NYU. Recently, Businessweek dropped the school's rating, but I find that the way in which they calculate the school's rankings are not accurate. If you look, NYU still maintains one of the highest starting salaries, high job placement, and high SAT scores.

The thing about Stern is that it is internationally recognized as a premier business school. This means that if you do not want to work in the US, places around Europe, Asia, and South America will recognize your degree is from Stern and automatically make good judgements about you. Because New York is such an international city, Stern really places a focus on being international. They have one of the most extensive study abroad programs through NYU. And every Junior goes on an all expenses paid trip their Junior Year to Singapore, Buenos Aires, or _______(changes every year). Stern is really leading the way in this ever expanding global economy. Also many of your classmates will be from international cities as well.

Now let's talk about job placement as business school grads really like to hear about job opportunities. Being a well known business school a lot of big companies such as Citi, JP Morgan, American Express, Pepsi, PWC come to Stern all the time to recruit Juniors and Seniors because they know that these are top tier students. During your 4 years at Stern, getting an internship during the school year is not difficult. A lot of "Sternies" have already had multiple internships before they apply for their junior internship. By having the ability to work and go to school, many graduates are better prepared that other univeristies. From a recruiters prospective, a student who has had multiple internships versus a student who typically has one or two should do better and thus is more likely to be hired.

You are not only a Sternie, but a student of NYU, thus you are setting yourself up with an alumni network of thousands of people in all different industries. By graduating from this school you are better prepared with city life and you have an open mind about the world and what it really takes to succeed in business.

There are many great things about Stern, but just remember, you are signing up for a very competitive school, so be ready to work hard for what you want.

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