What are flex dollars on the meal plans at the University of North Texas?

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Michelle Chavez on August 10th, 2011:

Flex Dollars are chosen as an additional option to a standard meal plan. They operate like a credit card linked to your student ID. You can use them at restaurants, cafes, and the ice cream shop in the University Union. Both the Campus Chat and Syndicate are located in the Union. The Campus Chat has Taco Bell, Chick Fil A, a Sushi Bar, and some prepackaged deli style food options. The Syndicate has Einstein Bagel Bros. On the second floor of the union by the bookstore there is a coffee shop and a convenience store with a Beth Marie's Ice Cream there (the original Beth Marie's is located on the Square and you should go.) You can use Flex Dollars or regular money at any of these places.

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