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CampusSplash allows you to ask and have answered any question about college, grad school, study abroad, internships, and more. It also allows you to follow topics and schools you’re interested in so you can find out anytime new questions are asked and answered.

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Just type a question in the top bar and hit “Ask Question.” You can add more details and post to Facebook if you want.

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Think you have some knowledge to share? Answer a question by going to that question’s page and scrolling down to the answer field. Other users can vote your answer up or down, so make sure it’s good! Also, you can comment on other’s answers if you have something to add or have a follow-up question.

Search for a Question or Topic
Just start typing a question or topic into the search bar. If it already exists, it will pop up right below and you can go right to that topic page or question.

Follow a Topic or Question
If you’re reading about a topic or question and want to keep up-to-date on it. Hit the green follow button. You’ll receive email notifications every time a new answer is posted to a question or a new question is asked in a topic.

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